Social Media Management & Ads

Choosing the right social media platform appropriate to your products or service is where to start….. but do you have time to maintain it?

What We Do!

Find your best platforms.
Provide guidance on activity.
Identify your target market.
Set up & manage ad campaigns!

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Social Media Management & Ads

“Tell it, don’t sell it” is a good guide to getting started on business social media. Try and get people interested in what you do and increase the following before offering any deals or asking them to buy. Once this is achieved, you can start looking at a potential advertising campaign that will produce results.  

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Which Social Media Is Best For My Business? 

It’s not just about the platforms, you need to consider who will administer it and how much time will be available.


One of the most popular social media platforms. Some people run their whole business on facebook successfully without a website!
It really depends on the type of business, for example ‘Beauty’ is much easier than ‘Accountancy’


This was and still is primarily a recruitment platform. If you select your connections carefully, this could be a useful resource of prospects in the future. As a local marketing company we only connect with business owners in Northamptonshire.


If you have anything interesting visually, it is worth setting up an account here to post them on a regular basis. Images, videos and messages can be shared with others.


Great platform for picking up the latest news on absolutely anything. If you can reach a substantial following then your tweets could turn into treats.


Popular for recipes, ideas and inspiration to be shared with others. Very dependent on the type of business you are running.


There are hundreds of social media platforms out there. We can help you find those most appropriate to you and the business you are running.

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