Tracking & Reporting

Whatever marketing activity you decide to carry out, you need to know what is working. (And what is not)!
We provide a monthly dashboard showing you the important bits.

What We Do!

Monitor all activity.
Measure response.
Identify what is working.
Report to you on progress.

Graphs and paper showing upward tracking arrows

Tracking & Reporting

There are so many tools available to track visitors to your website and report on their activity. We have tried them all and can recommend those most suited to you. (Many of them are free)!
We can also provided tailored dashboards allowing you to view this in seconds without having to read war and peace. Need to know more? 

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What we track

If you are running three test ads, would you like to know which one is working?


New and returning visitors, which pages are most popular and how long are they spending on them.


Finding out which links your visitors are clicking on the most will help you to focus on what is hot and what is not.


Establishing after time, the most popular method that your customers are using to contact you is all part of the tuning process.


Where are they coming from? How did that journey start? Once we know this we can streamline the process for future new customers.


If you are investing money in any type of advertising you need to know which ones are producing the best return on investment.


Seeing who is opening your newsletters and what they are interested in helps you to build a sales funnel that will produce the best results.

“Fantastic service from Northampton Marketing, the team are always coming up with fresh new ideas helping my business grow year on year.”

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“I have been with Mark and Sheila for 5 years, we are in the top spots on all our Google search pages, I pay a monthly fee which is great value.”

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